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Welcome to OtoJisho | Japanese-English Audio Jisho (Dictionary)

What is OtoJisho

Welcome to OtoJisho. OtoJisho is an online Japanese-English audio dictionary. All the words listed here come with audio; our focus is to help the learners’ of Japanese language to improve their listening and pronunciations.

Our concept for OtoJisho is ‘learn Japanese while you are listening’. We believe that knowing how to pronounce a word can also learners to develop their vocabularies as it is easier to memorise and recall the words that they can hear and pronounce.

The word of OtoJisho consists of two words which are ‘oto-音’ and ‘jisho-辞書’. Oto means sounds and jisho means a dictionary. Yes, these two words are the main contents that we provide at OtoJisho!


How to Use the Site

You can access to the vocabularies by typing a keyword in a search box or selecting a keyword from tag cloud.

The search box only takes alphabets so you can type keywords in Romaji or English. Romaji and hiragana chart is provided on sidebar which is our standard set of Romaji. It should help for those of you are not familiar with romaji and hiragana. Other set of Romaji can be use for searching too, for example; you can type in 「ふ」as 「fu」 or 「hu」. They are both correct form; just using different set of Romaji standard.

Examples (use of the word) are available in each word; click the title (your selected vocabulary) to access the post.


What you will find at OtoJisho

Our main focus is to provide audio jisho for learners to learn and practice pronunciations; so all the pages have audio alongside meaning of the words.

The image below is a screenshot from the listed page; it has a descriptive image, meanings of the word and audio player. The page has further explanations which can be reached by pressing a ‘read more’ button. Buttons can be found on right bottom of the lists for large devices and bottom center for small devices.

List sample image

list sampe


Further explanations sample image

read more sample

Currently, not many pages have images, further explanations or example as we want to share audio first. We are slowly developing the pages by adding more explanations and examples but it will take time.


About the audio

The audio files were recorded by professional voice actresses who are trained to speak and pronounce clearly.

The audio files consist of three parts:

  1. pronounced with a clear and neutral voice
  2. pronounced by one letter at a time
  3. pronounced with a natural tone of voice

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